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Strawberries and 6x


Has anybody any experience of using 6x manure/fertiliser with strawberries?

With potatoes, I normally put a handful underneath each potato when I plant them, and it gives them a boost. Is this true for strawberries? I've read that strawberries and 6x don't mix as strawberries don't particularly like chicken manure, which 6x is based on.





  • teamleaderteamleader Posts: 17

    I generally trim all the foliage back after the season ends, hoe all round the plants, add some blood, fish & bone. New plants I tend to use normal multi purpose, then after a few weeks if in the same beds give a bit more fish, blood & bone. I usually find the new plants put in don't really get going until the next season.

  • Hi teamleader,

    Thanks for the advice. I was planning on planting the new bed this weekend and hoping they establish well for next year. Was just wondering if I could provide a boost for them for next year.


  • MelspadMelspad Posts: 73

    Have only fed my small strawberry bed on chicken pellets and even though didn't water and they were very sad and dry I got over 7lb of strawberry jam and numerous punnets to eat and give to neighbours, so mine didn't have any adverse effects by using it.  Hope this is of some help image

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