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I have a wall that is actually the back of my compost heap and want to grow a climber up it.  I have tried a some clematis but they died over the winter because although its a south facing wall it is also very exposed in winter. Any ideas - I would prefer an evergreen but something that flowers rather than ivy.


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    First of all are you sure they are dead as clematis have a habit of looking so and suddenly springing into life.

    Next How high is the wall, how wide, you would not want suggestions for a 6m giant if it is only 2m x 2m

    Lots of folk here will be willing to help but you will need to give alittle more informationimage

  • Busy-LizzieBusy-Lizzie Posts: 14,234

    If it's a south facing wall it shouldn't be too exposed in winter, it's protecting plants from north winds.

    I have a pretty clematis called Diana with pink bell flowers on a south wall. Did you plant the clematis deep enough? Are you sure they are dead? They are usually pretty hardy, but they like their roots protected from the sun.

    If you want something else then what about star jasmine, trachelospermum jasminoides? It is evergreen and has very fragrant small white flowers. Some say it can be a bit tender, but mine survived -17° last winter.

    Dordogne and Norfolk
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    Would definately check them for buds as I thought one of mine was dead but its covered in buds now.

  • Ifind the easiest climber and very attractive is the honeysuckle, there are lots of varieties and most grow anywhere.

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