Anyone oop North started planting yet ?

In Yorkshire, a quite sheltered spot but am feeling very wary about starting anything off yet. Lost a lot of early plantings last year. Am waiting to get potatoes and broad beans in to begin with. Where is everyone else at with things ?

(southerners and the rest allowed to reply too of course, but particularly interested in locals)



  • Bunny ...Bunny ... Posts: 3,455
    Hello blueberry I'm further north by the Scottish border , not a sheltered area either. I have started seeds but they are in the house on windowsills , I have my seed potatoes to chit but won't be going out until end April probably . Takes a while to get started here outside /unheated greenhouse so I always use the house first.
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    In Sheffield. Just been walking round the garden thinking how cold it is. Did plant out some autumn sown annuals a week ago. Plenty of seeds growing on window sills but with an unheated greenhouse nothing can move out yet and I am running out of windows. More snow this week!

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    I'm new to veg growing in Glasgow, but have spuds chitting (1sts and main crop) and herbs and salad from seed, garlic in a bed.......have shallots and red onions waiting to go and was thinking of starting leek seeds on the windowsill this week......then I want to do carrots, parsnips, tomatoes, chillies and corn when its a bit hotter.....almost all in containers, see what happens....

  • In Lancashire. Have cauliflower and cabbage seedlings coming up in greenhouse and garlic in modules. have just planted tomato and leek seeds.



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    Wait a while blueberry, I'm up on the hills and reckon we are a couple of weeks behind. My snowdrops have only just come out.
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    manchester . sowing on window sills and in the summer house . to many upsets in the past image

  • Hey up blueberry77 I was at me allotment this morning in what must have been the coldest place in Yorkshire.Near Leeds.Have got plenty int greenhouse under starters orders but I think thers goin to have to be a lot of pitch and course inspections before their off.

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    I'm from Lancashire, near the coast and Cumbria boarder. Do travel to Bacup and Barnoldswick, so know how sever the weather can be in that direction.   

    I have three veg beds in the garden and grow other stuff in pots.

    Me thinks you are right in being wary. I grow spuds in bags and if the weather doesn't pick up my spuds won't be planted out until mid April. I've not chitted them since January...some were bought at spud fairs... to bring them in daily to avoid a frost. I've 1st, 2nd and early main.

     I don't grow broad beans, don' like them they seem to go stringy, yuk image and I've never been able to over winter them. French/runner beans though seem to like the wet Northern climate and pea's did well last year along with other stuff.

  • Hey up Zoomer44 nice hear from topposition ont cricket field.How yer diddlin.Well to be serious old lad you dead on the mark. I grow Arran Pilot 1st earlies I have some in the green house in some useful containers a bit bigger than the average sized bucket I put two seeds in each container and keep them in the greenhouse till the weather man in the sky sends us some decent stuff. The rest will stay tillit really warms up a bit 

  • Not bothering till April at least.  Plant later & seedlings will catch up, not good having to buy more seed because you've lost everything to a late frost - and we regularly get frosts here in May (Here being just south of Sheffield)

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