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new border for boring garden



  • Sue6Sue6 Posts: 37


     As it's been so mild and a lovely sunny day I decided to dig around a bit of concrete I'd found in one of my borders.... turns out it's a concrete path!  It's approx 3inches below the turf.  Am thinking of keeping it as it's in pretty good condition, but would appreciate some ideas on how to edge it to stop grass from growing back over it.


  • Hi Sue, I would suggest laying another path on top of the concrete one so that the new surface is level with the grass (ie use the old path as a base.)  That way it will be easy to mow as you can run the mower right over the path without having to worry about any raised path edging damaging the blades.  As the old concrete path base will be solid, you can use thin slabs or even terracotta tiles on top of a thin layer of mortar without worrying about them cracking when you walk on them.

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  • Busy-LizzieBusy-Lizzie Posts: 23,825

    If finances run to it, I think that's a great idea from Bob. As well as raising the path it would look so much better. Straight concrete paths aren't very attractive.

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  • Sue6Sue6 Posts: 37

    I agree straight concrete paths aren't very attractive but I'll be a lot of work to redesign and lay a new path!  I'll have to have a think about this...

    Also I removed those stepping stones and did some further excavations under the sport where the ground had sunk and cracked them.  This is what I found:




    It's a concrete structure approx 1m wide x 2.2m long, seems to be about 0.5m deep inside.  Is this an air raid shelter base or an old pond??

    Am toying with the idea of digging it out to see what it is... but it's a lot of spoil, plus I don't know what to do with it once I've empitied it.  Might make a good pond but not sure if I want one in the middle of the lawn!



    Any thoughts or suggestions welcome!!

    I know the garden looks a mess right now image but it's work in progress after all!

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