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I've inherited a mature fig tree that had a fairly good crop last year, it looks like it hasn't been touched for a few years,certainly not 2 or 3,lots of twisting crossing branches which look lovely but it's getting a bit out of hand, want to take it in hand, when and how should i prune? also when leaves are outis it ok to remove quite a few to allow sun to roses i plan to grow through it


  • Hi Louise...If it were me I would start to take it into hand now and over the next 2 to 3 years start to get it back into shape. Start now by taking out any dead, crossing or diseased branches. This in turn should start to open up the canopy for those roses. Next year start to aim for a good shaped plant and then see if you can just improve it in year three. By then I should think you might have it somewhere to your liking. I wouldn't take out more than a third of it at any one time and try to avoid doing it if there are prolonged frosts forecast. Hope that helps a little.


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    The RHS gives this advcie for figs -

    The Vendée, France
  • different question re fig trees.  I have a fig tree which produces a mass of large fruit. But they are dry inside, rather than the moistness you expect with figs.  Its a white fig and the tree is probably 50 years old/though carefully pruned two years ago.

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