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Red Robin shrub

I have a Red Robin shrub in my garden and I am constantly having to clean up the lawn because of fallen leaves. It doesn't seem to be deciduous as it generally retains its leaves through the winter. However single leaves fall constantly on the garden and I am usually tidying up every week sometimes more.  A lot of the leaves that fall have some kind of black spot on them.  Are they falling because its the natural thing to do at this time of year or because they have some kind of disease and if so how can I put it right?  I would be grateful for any help with this problem as I don't know whether to cut it down or give it a bit longer.



  • BerkleyBerkley Posts: 419
    Please don't give up on these lovely shrubs. Yes, it is in their nature to drop leaves but if you keep them well-watered and well-fed they will be far less likely to succumb to black spots. I've got seven. I'm always nipping bits off and lovely new red leaves show within days sometimes.
  • Thank you to all for answering my problem - I have to admit it's driving me crazy having to mop up every few days - it makes the lawn look so untidy!

    I may give it one more chance and prune it when the weather gets a little better and if I still have the same problem then I think I may have to remove it and plant something else in its place as I do need something to give me a little provacy from the road.

    Any suggestions on something which will bush out and be low maintenance? - preferably not deciduous?

  • Caz WCaz W Posts: 1,353

    Just bought one from Morrisons - £2 - called Little Red Robin which grows to 1m.  Is this classed as a dwarf form Verdun?  Was hoping it wouldn't need much pruning!

  • Caz WCaz W Posts: 1,353

    Thanks Verdun image  - thought for a minute I'd made a mistake there image

  • Thanks Verdun If I can get a Choisya which grows to 6ft it will be just the thing - I do have one of these in my back garden but it is barely 3ft

  • Try Choisya  Aztec Pearl..bit bigger.

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