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Curly Lupins

I have three fairly young lupin plants that I've put into a raised bed in order to get them to grow on before I put them in their position in the flowerbed, to hopefully give them a chance from slugs etc.

They were all growing well but now the big leaves are all flopping to the ground and the small young leaf stems are curling around and then dying off. What's going on? I can't see any slugs or snails (even at night) so not sure what's getting at them. 





  • look up lupin anthracnose.   Your description of them being curly makes me wonder if it is possibly that.     I don't seem to be able to get your photo to open or to go larger so I can't really see if they're going brown and rotting but I can see they're not looking good at all.

  • You did a duplicate post which I only noticed after I'd replied above.   The other posting does have a better photo though and it looks to me like it's either what I suggested or else they're just waterlogged.   Lupins tend not to like that.

  • Rinus KRinus K Posts: 67

    Did you give them some kind of fertilizer??? Culterra or artificial fertilizer

    I accidentally did that a few years ago and my lupins were gone within 2 weeks

  • LottolearnLottolearn Posts: 73


    Yes did the first post in the wrong section I think so I duplicated but couldn't see how to remove the first! Anyway, thanks for the suggestion. they are definitely not waterlogged as they are in a really good raised bed with free draining soil. Oddly my older lupins are doing much better in my clay soil elsewhere. I'll look up anthracnose. There's definitely no rotting, just the young leaves' stems go curly like a pigs tail and then die. 


  • LottolearnLottolearn Posts: 73

    No Rinus, no fertiliser given at all. 

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