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Wilted toms

Can anyone help me with a solution to my tomato plants. After growing from seed (4 types) that were ready to pot on and very healthy decided to put them in a tray of water (rain collected) just to give them a soak to help separate the roots, the following morning after putting them back into the propergator I found them to be bent over and looking very sorry for themselves. I thought maybe the parrifin fumes had effected them or the rain water but had used the same batch of water on other plants with no diverse effects. Any suggestions?


  • I should add that they were still in their seed pots overnight prior to pricking out.

  • sotongeoffsotongeoff Posts: 9,802

    Bit confusedimage-why are they going back into the propagator?-once germinated they need cooler conditions to grow on-I think they have been warm, then, wet, then cold then warm again.

    Get them into a well lit spot-they will probably perk up-do not molly coodle themimage

  • Thanks for that tip Sotongeoff, hadn't thought about that, Will take heed of your advice on the second batch started yesterday.


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