Currings - some questions

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About three weeks ago I potted up some cuttings with some cuttings compost.

The majority LOOK just fine (it's a mix of Buddleia, Hydrangea and Elderflow, all in individual pots).

I guess that there is no easy way to tell if they are rooting?

I can't see any new shoots appearing on any of them yet - should I after only three weeks?

They are being kept in a light room (no direct sunlight) and I mist them once a day.



  • MowerMan3MowerMan3 Posts: 37

    Sorry, typo in the topic title and I can't change it.


    It should of course be cuttings, not currings!

  • MowerMan3MowerMan3 Posts: 37

    Thanks Tetley, will do.

  • WelshonionWelshonion Posts: 3,114
    Why not look at the drainage holes in the pots? Any roots appearing?
  • Rinus KRinus K Posts: 67

    It takes much longer before new shoots arrive.

    First all energy is needed for developing the roots.

    First the roots and then the shoots.

    The right amount of water is important. Not enough and they'll die. To much and they get "lazy" resulting in weak plants

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    I haven't actually watered them for a couple of weeks as the compost still feels moist (and I've been misting them).

    Presumably I shouldn't water them if the compost is moist?

    @Welshonion - that was the first thing that I did - not a root to be seen. Yet .....

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    I was going to go the plastic bag root but due to reading about not letting the leaves touch the sides of the bag I couldn't think of an easy way to accomplish it given the size of the leaves, the pots, etc (I did cut the leaves a bit though).


    BTW, I notice that SOME of the leaves on a couple of the Hydrangea cuttings are going a little yellow - lack of sun perhaps? Some are fine though.

  • MowerMan3MowerMan3 Posts: 37

    Ta - yeah, I worry a bit as I want to do it right. image

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    I found the 'plastic bag used as a mini greenhouse' encouraged mould so now I only root cuttings in very, very wet vermiculite with no covering on the pot. Seems to work better than anything else I have tried.

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