I dont have a GH and was wondering if anyone has successfully grown tomatoes outside in the Glasgow area......I see a lot of updates from people a bit further South where it is usually a wee bit warmer...If anyone has, can you give me some tips ie if you used bags or containers etc

Many thanks


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    A tomato question from me too!image I plan to grow Tumbling Toms in a hanging basket (30in dia., plastic) but it just occurred to me that I have no idea how fertilize it. No problem in the raised bed, as can just spread the fertilizer around the plant, but if the plants fill the basket, then what? Do I put long time fertilizer into the soil before planting or water it with liquid plant food? Any advice greatly appreciated.

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    I use slow release granules when planting up, once the trusses begin setting, a weekly tomato feed via watering can does the trick. Most important thing with any basket is watering everyday.

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    I haven't been able to grow outside Brycey D , I'm at the Scottish border . I have a greenhouse and will do cherry ones in there again but keeping the seeds, seedlings in the house until it warms up .
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    Thanks Brummie, will do as you say.image


    Hi  Brycey d, like you I am further north  I'm from Perth. I tried growing a couple of tomato plants outside last year, perhaps not the best year to try?  Anyway I had them in large black pots I did manage to get a few tomatoes from them, the best ones were the pots that I had up against a south west facing wall. I think the shelter and heat from the stonework helped.  Its worth a try as they taste so good.


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    Thanks Janapana, can I ask what you used for compost?.....I take it you growed them from seed....I have some South facing windowsills which my potatoes (chitting) and herbs are on just now, was thinking I could try them there then pot them up in April.. Too early? Thanks again


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    Brycey, I live in County Durham and only grow tomato's outside in a very sheltered south facing spot, normally cherry types and not always successful, last year was a wash out even the greenhouse tomato's gave a very poor showing with tough skins and a bit watery.
    Saying that we gardeners never give up, I sow seed in one third compost one third washed sand and one third fine grit then pot on to half compost half grit and sand.
    My main pots twelve inch plastic with large holes in the base and no crocking will be set on the gravel bed in the greenhouse ready and the small pots then potted into the large pots and watered in. My out door pots will be lined up along the walking area (don't ask, they do get the odd knock as I scramble about) and when or if we get sunshine they go out into my sheltered area. Cool nights a fleece over them works, a snap frost it is back into the greenhouse.
    You could cover them on cold days with fleece even newspaper but the main thing is to keep them out of the cold winds, that will turn the leaves blue as well as your fingers.


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    Franks that's magic...its great to get in depth knowledge...I watch Monty's videos but they tend to be short and only give you a rough idea...thanks to everyone

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