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Talkback: Bugs and daylilies

I realise that you're learning too but wondered if anyone had any advice regarding aphids. They are all over my broad beans and I've tried spraying them with soapy water and I bought some ladybird larvae (which incidentally, I have a feeling may have been harlequin ladybirds but that's another story...) and I've seen a few munching away at the aphids but they're severely outnumbered. I'm kind of resigned to leaving them there and there are some pods which are fattening up nicely, they just have a dusting of aphids all over them but, if I do leave them alone, will my beans still be edible or will they spoil the entire crop? Thanks all :-)


  • Ever thought of going in the back yard and just look at the plants what are healthy??
    Then dont you think that plant must not taste nice for the bugs "Think I Will Break A Few leaves of it and make them into a spray"
    Boiling a few leaves should be safe enough for you? Why not try it and would love to hear the results, Take Care mate!! micks 100% organic Loveshack,
  • Just been outside to check on daylilies buds they look fine but something thats been covered in? I've noticed since coming into bud this year is my variegated leaved water iris the sparrows have been hanging onto them eating what looks like green/white fly its not stopped them flowering or hurt the flowers in any way, they just look a bit strange because the flowers are a unusual in colour and at close inspection you see all the bugs.
  • On the subject of pests, please can someone help me with mine! It's a yellow spider with spindly fine legs, that is causing fatal damage to my geraniums, hostas, Alchemelia mollis, Fatsia japonica, just about everything in fact. The leaves turn brown and the plant dies, I am desperate for help please!
  • this year my berberis was defoliated by what I think are sawfly larvae, is this a common pest on these shrubs?
  • Hi its me again writing from Westerham! Another morning spent on my allotment,and it did not rain as promised, so I had to water all my vegetables and flowers. We are not allowed to use a hose, so it is hard work with watering cans. I use my wheelbarrow to carry 3 cans from the tanks to my plot, which at least helps. One of my friends gave me 4 Ridge Cucumber plants, which I planted out yesterday, and covered with plastic frames. They are easy to remove for watering, and help to keep the plants safe until they grow a bit bigger. This morning I planted out some more leek seedlings, another gift from a friend. The Leeks I sowed last week have germinated, so next year I will be able to return the kindness of the friends in Westerham and everyone will be growing Leeks until next May!! The wind seems to do more damage on the allotment than the rain as it dries the soil out and blows all the fleece off anything I am trying to protect from the birds. All for now
  • I have a pest on my day lilies - slugs. They scrape the colour red off the petals, but leave the yellow stripes in the middle of the petals.

    Colour perception in suburban molluscs - a PhD topic for someone? Or perhaps the red bit tastes of strawberries and the yellow of lemons, which are a bit sour for the slugs.

  • Our garden is looking really pretty at the moment, weather here has not been very good, nice sunny days, a little warmth but we have had some really strong winds. So I am happy my garden has managed to even bloom this year. veg plot doing nicely again things held back by the cold, the srawberries are at last coming on and we have had one or two and they are delicious. We have netted them but somehow those blackbirds managed to get in and away with a few strawberries.
  • I only wish I had buds on my day lilies ! I have Hemerocallis citrina and fulva 'Kwanso',and a variety called 'Aten'. If I am lucky I get two or three flowers on 'Aten' but nothing on the others for some five years. I've tried splitting and moving them, but to no avail. I notice a friend also has some chronically non-flowering Hemerocallis, and we're both on heavy clay. Could this be the problem ?
  • Both of my little gardens have ben absolutely spectacular late spring early summer - but not much in the way of colour now - and what I have will be over by August. Any ideas for late flowering perennials or small flowering shrubs? My garden is rather shady. Thanks.
  • i need to buy a lawnraker or scarifier which is the best or one that dose both.also what time of the year is this best done.
    thank you.

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