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Black fly on corn?

I was down the allotment today and noticed that one of my corn plants is covered in what look like black fly! There seems to be a lot of ladybirds too, but obviously too many black fly for them to eat. Will these damage my plants?

How is best to get rid of them?








  • chris 172chris 172 Posts: 403

    hi give them a  spray of soapy water or just rub them off with your hands.

    i find the human digits very handy for quick clearance of bugs and even if gardeners are a bit sqeamish with this approach use a pair of latex or suitable thin gloves to get the job done quickly

    happy gardening

  • DovefromaboveDovefromabove Central Norfolk UKPosts: 66,312

    If you can't get at them all with your fingers, a clean dry paintbrush will do the job image

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  • Thank you for the reply.

    I'd prefer to do it organically so I'll use the method of my hands and a hose!
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