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My Dahlias are a bit pathetic...

I planted a whole load out last year, tubers straight into good soil and they all grew but were not bushy and tall as I had hoped. I didn't get round to digging them out in the autumn, but decided to let them take their chances. We are in the south and the border is sheltered. They have all come up again miraculously! I have fed them, (chicken manure pellets dug in and tomato feed) pinched them out, watered them well and they are still weedy looking. Some are flowering and others I appreciate may be later, in August.

What really brought it home to me was that we visited West Dean Gardens last summer, and their dahlia bed in the cutting garden was just stunning. How can I get my sad specimens to look like that? I've just read the article in this month's Gardener's World mag about dahlias and I don't think there's any mention of feeding!


  • Thanks Verdun, that sounds like good advice. Do you pot them up and keep them in a greenhouse until ready to go out?

  • TooeyTooey Posts: 95

    My dahlia's are a bit pathetic as well. I was just blaming the weather as I've not done anything different to last year when I had a stunning display. They are flowering but just a lot shorter than they should be. But they are still growing so there's hope!

  • sanjy67sanjy67 Posts: 1,007

    i bought dahlia tubers from morrisons at the beginning of the year and planted them in my small bed which has some manure and compost mixed in just left them to grow and they have thrived and taken over the bed, i'm in the south east and haven't fed them at all, i have sprayed black fly on occasion with water and a tiny amount of washing up liquid, you can't tell from the picture but the flowers are almost dinner plate size and there are loads of them, the flowers are very heavy, it's my first year growing them so i'm pretty pleased with them. excuse the interloper featured, he went to a needy bird.



  • Oh I'm very jealous now Sanjy!

    Thanks for the advice Verdun, I'll do that this year or start form scratch next!

  • Many of mine are in bloom but I also have quite a few that are'nt. They're strong and healthy but with no sign of flower buds. Growing in the same bed as others who have been blooming for weeks. I think a lot depends on the variety and the weather.

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