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Hi all,  new to Gardeners world forum

First of all I am Young, keen passionate gardener , i was wondering if anybody has any ideas to bring back to life a concrete path on a slope, which looks tired and worn all ideas welcome.



  • Dave2356Dave2356 Posts: 42

    Maybe just planting along some of the edge will soften it a little.

  • Try using a patio cleaner and a broom to remove any algie/moss or use a pressure washer which will bring back the colour to the concrete. sometimes a concrete path will need to have some parts of it re concreted .after cleaning you can prevent it weathering by applying Thompson patio fluid to it as this when dry will prevent water ingress and also cause water to run off. Stops moss build up as it makes the surface harder for anything to stick to it

    Jolly Gary

  • Dave2356Dave2356 Posts: 42

    I prefer a nice aged look, even on concrete. I have been known to encourage it with natural yoghurt and peat!

    unless the path is a slip hazard, I would let it age gracefully.

    juSt my opinion though

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