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Bird box v bird feeding

Small garden. Only 10 metres by 12 metres. I've got a feeding station for birds. I get quite a lot of visitors during the day - sparrows, starlings, tits, robins, blackbirds, pigeons and magpies (annoyingly!). I've been given a sparrow terrace bird box for my birthday, but I've been reading that when placing it, it should be well away from feeding stations because if its too close the visiting birds will stress out the occupants of the bird box. I was planning to put the sparrow terrace on the back of the house (faces exactly east and understand it is an ideal location), but it will be less than 10 metres away from the feeding station. Do I need consider moving the feeding station to another location (front garden, perhaps). I already have a blue tit box in the garden on the fence, but although I've seen lots of potential occupants fly in and out, nothing has taken up a short term tenancy yet. The side of the house face north and is in shade most of the day, but it can get quite breezy because its a bit of a wind tunnel with the next door house, so not sure it will be ideal for a bird box.


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    I think your sparrow terrace will be ok on the back of your house - my garden's not that much bigger than yours and sparrows nest in the roofs all around here, and we've got lots of bird feeders in our garden and so have the neighbours - I don't think sparrows are very territorial.  Robins and blackbirds are very  territorial so I wouldn't expect them to nest too close to a feeding station - that being said, at work I have a feeding station about 10 feet from my window, and last summer a pair of robins nested successfully in the climbing hydrangea underneath my window. image

    We've had viewers in one of our tit boxes this year, but nothing happening yet.

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  • The new box should be put on a North Facing wall as well so it's out the way of the sun according to the RSPB as the rays of the sun be it  morning or afternoon does have quite a lot of heat in it and therefore you could bake the eggs/chicks on anything other that a North wall

  • DovefromaboveDovefromabove Posts: 83,754

    My understanding is that east or north facing walls are ok - this might be helpful image

    Gardening in Central Norfolk on improved gritty moraine over chalk ... free-draining.

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    I would fix your nest box and leave it for the birds to decide if they like its position. Its better than not putting it up and never knowing. Give it a couple of years before expecting any birds to nest in it though.

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    choosing the best bird house design is difficult especially as a placement may effect another bird's environment/territory.

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