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planting ideas, please

Has anyone got any ideas for tackling a large sunny slope that is currently covered in nettle, thistles etc. Is there anyway of planting to prevent weeds coming back as it's not an easy place to work i.e. digging out or covering in weed suppressant membrane? Don't want anything too tall that blocks the view. Any thoughts gratefully received.


  • ButtercupdaysButtercupdays Posts: 4,495

    I had two steep banks in my garden. One I terraced, to make two workable borders. (I used stone, as I have more than enough of that and find more every time I dig somewhere new!) The other one is covered with ground cover plants and shrubs - hydrangea, brooms, cotoneaster horizontalis and rosa 'Max Graf',  and I hardly ever do anything to it as the shade prevents  nearly anything else growing.

    Nettles and brambles are two that might  well try  to come back though,  so it would be worth waiting, after you have got out all the root you can, to see if there is any new growth. There could be bits of root you missed and there will certainly be seeds. Then you could either spray them or cover with something to exclude light till they die. Don't dig again at this stage as you will just bring more seeds up to the light!

  • pugslovesunpugslovesun Posts: 300

    Thanks for both of those ideas, and plant ideas, good to be reminded it will take time, theres no quick fix! My problem is that it is a very big grassy slope at edge of lawn dropping steeply, but I guess digging it out slowly whenever I've got some time and covering as you go will probably have to be it.

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