Is it still ok to feed dried fruit to birds bearing in mind the young

I've been feeding dried fruit all through the winter but bearing in mind that they say not to feed whole peanuts I was wondering if it ok to keep feeding the dried fruit cos that is quite big as well.  I tried to chop them up in my food processor just in case but they would not chop very well kept sticking together.  I did them by hand in the end but a very long job which I don't fancy doing. 



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    The whole peanuts risk geting stuck in baby birds' throats and choking them so I expect big chunks of dried fruit would be as bad.  Have you tried soaking it a bit before chopping in the processor?

    I find the parents come and fill their tums at our fat ball, peanut and loose seed feeders and that gives them the energy to hoover all the aphids and caterpillars off my roses, clems and veggies for their babies.   Works well for me as I don't use pesticides and then don't have to go round squishing or picking myself.

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  • I have a little electric Tesco Chopper that I put the peanuts in and chop them up to bits was only about £7.00  and I do put dried fruit in as well,  I feed the birds 365 so there's always plenty of them about,  they do bring the chicks when they are fledging and feed them from the feeders be it fat ball feeders or seed,  like obelix I think if you feed them regularly they in turn do you the favour by eating the aphids and other  nasties in the garden

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    I worry about that too so I usually snip the dried fruit with a small scissors - less cleaning up that wayimage, but when you see the size of some of the insects and fat caterpillars these little birds feed their tiny babies I do wonder ..... image

  • Ah but remember insects and catterpillars are a lot softer than dried fruit,image

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    Wonder what the birds think about their food processed nuts and scissored fruitimage do they think we are mad ...what did they do before we started feeding them image
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    Forgot to mention I soak the fruit too so its soft image

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    Birds menus at Caz's bird bistro soon to appearimageimage
  • Probably got on quite well Bunny till we started to destroy the hedgerows and trees but I think some of them do enjoy the company of a human being,  I know I have a male Blackbird that I've called Charlie,  he comes and sit's on the fence when I 'm in the garden digging and sings his sweet song for me. image

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    I know rain ...just humouring ... I live remote so plenty birds and wildlife, hedgerows , forests . We are making it harder for them and other wildlife ...but also ourselves , supermarkets everywhere popping up not local food . Sorry different story but made me think.
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    There won't be any baby birds about for quite some time. The birds haven't even started nest building yet. So just carry on with the Winter feeding regime.

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