Hot Composting

I'm thinking of buying the Hotbin Hot Composting System, as it's expensive compared to other compost bins I was wondering if anyone has bought one. Does it really work?? Food waste and all!!. How does it cope with grass cuttings?

Any info would be welcome.


  • LeifUKLeifUK Posts: 573

    If you Google you will find lots of useful information. Yes it does consume food waste, temperatures are high enough, and it is enclosed to keep away vermin. I concluded that the cost was not worth it, at almost £200. That would buy 60 bags of compost, 50L per bag. That is an awful lot. I have some 1000L wooden compost bins. Yes it breaks down more slowly, but my problem is lack of material to compost, so I buy in compost anyway.

    I also didn't like the fact that it is made from an expanded plastic, so liable to damage if mistreated.

  • Billy GoatBilly Goat Posts: 51

    If you get the right mix and keep it damp you should get to 65 degrees centigrade In an home made wooden composter bin.   Plus it's easier to get into and turn/empty.

    The base may be sealed, but I think the vermin would still be lurking about because or the smell.  So I would only put food waste in the wheelie bin.

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