Reviving Cannas

Overwintering Cannas Posted: Today at 11:54 So now that spring is here (well it is today) and my over wintered Cannas are showing signs of life i.e. splitting the pot, can I take them out and re pot in new compost? I have never successfully managed to revive Cannas so I am hoping that this will be the year. Any tips great fully received.


  • sotongeoffsotongeoff Posts: 9,806

    They tend to better with the roots confined- like agapanthus-so not do not overpot-but yes now is the time to splitimage

    Leave them in the greenhouse till May at least to give them a head start-they need warmth and sunshine of which this year we will get loadsimage

  • Thanks for that. I shall tip them out of the pot and see what I've got.

    Glad to hear we will be having loads of sunshine this year !
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