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Strawberries, an old variety

Many years ago when I was about 4 or 5 years old, we got strawberry plants from an aunt who had a farm.

Among those plants was one rather different one, with very dark fruits with the seeds very deeply embedded in the fruit.

I later learned that this was what we call a "frambozenaardbei", which translates more or less as raspberry-strawberry.

It is an old variety which is officially called Mieze Schindler.

It was developed by a German man called Otto Schindler in 1925 and named after his wife. image

They taste much stronger than ordinary strawberries.

I think it has even been scientifically proven that they contain more of the components which give for instance alpine strawberries their taste.

I love them and have just been eating the latest ripe ones.image

Unfortunately they're almost over for another year.

A few years ago someone tried to market them as the new super food. image

I think even Waitrose tried selling the fruits, but they are very soft and don't keep very well.

Here is a link with a picture.

If you ever come across a plant, they're definitely worth growing.

And they produce loads of runners, so after even one year you can have a nice crop.image

Mine are all descendants of that one plant which I got over 50 years ago. image






  • paulk2paulk2 Posts: 184

    They look good to me kleipieper - do they grow at the height and spread of a regular strawberry?

  • kleipieperkleipieper Posts: 563

    @ Steve 309 Gosh, those plants look expensive to me!

    I know you get three plants for that money and three different varieties, but about 4 quid for one plant seems very expensive to me!

    @ paulk2 Yes, they are the same size as regular strawberries. They look a bit more sturdy though, with slightly thicker stalks to the leaves.

    The fruits are a bit smaller than the large fruits of modern varieties like Elsanta, but quite a bit bigger than for instance alpine strawberries.

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