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Anybody else growing sunflowers?

Daryl2Daryl2 Posts: 452

On a whim I bought some sunflower seeds earlier this year. I've never grown them before and thought it might be fun as we have a south facing fence with a bit of trellis on top and I thought a row of sunflowers would look nice. I can't remember what variety they were and I gave the rest of the seeds to the local community garden still in the packet so I have no record. I'm sure I would have chosen ones that were destined to be about 6' tall so that the heads could just sit in front of the trellis.

Well, I have certainly got a lot more than I bargained for!!



They are so tall now that we had to add an extension stick to hold the top up and even if I stand on a little step stool I can't reach high enough to tie them in any more. 




  • CeresCeres Posts: 2,691


  • Im growing Sunflower Kong 

    from seed & the biggest is 5ft so far image

  • I grow a load against a wall near the kitchen back window.    It's an area where I've a large bird feeding station and I've a variety of things planted there specifically to provide bird feed.   I just let the sunflowers go to seed and the birds eat them. 

  • Daryl2Daryl2 Posts: 452

    Yes, the seed heads were partly why I wanted to grow them. I thought I could just leave them attached to the trellis for the birds to help themselves. 

  • That's all I do.

  • FruitcakeFruitcake Posts: 810

    I've got some that are 7ft and some that are 18 inches, all different varieties and all have flowers open on them image 

  • Daryl2Daryl2 Posts: 452

    I'm hoping the flowers will come soon before they get any taller. It's very windy where they are and I'm worried that if I can't tie them in they will snap off when the flowers open. 

  • yarrow2yarrow2 Posts: 782

    Blimey Daryl2 - you have monsters!   Monty Don on Gardeners World a programme or two was asking people to tell him about how high their sunflowers reached.  You should send a photo of you beside it.  Can't wait to see what kind of flowers you get. image

  • Daryl2Daryl2 Posts: 452

    I remember that Yarrow but I think he might have been talking about people who got some free seeds from GW. Can't quite remember. Did anyone on here get sent free GW sunflower seeds? 

  • I don't grow sunflowers - they just arrive!  Some in my pots, some in the flower beds.  I can't wait to see what colour the flowers will be!

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