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  • I have got a brick wall at the bottom of my garden which is rendered at painted. Every year since moving into my house, after winter, the paint bubbles up and flakes off. The builders have returned and fixed the paintwork a number of times but it still keeps happening so I've decided to give it up as a bad job.

    I have an idea to now cover the wall in trellis and grow some climbing plants up it but have no idea what climbers would be best.

    I would preferably like something evergreen with nice flowers and a nice scent. My flowers in the rest of my garden have a white, pink & purple theme so would like to stick with that too. Also something easy to look after would be great - if I'm not being too picky!

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
  • Busy-LizzieBusy-Lizzie Posts: 12,097

    Trachelospermum jasminoides or star jasmin is evergreen, white flowers, smells wonderful. This article says it may need winter protection but mine survived -17° and snow last year. The leaves went a bit brown and a lot fell off, but by summer they'd all grown again and it hasn't lost any this winter.

    There is also clematis armandii and hydrangea petiolaris, which are quite vigourous. Is it in sun or shade?

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    The wall if it is holding back any land would need a water protector behind it ...often never Is , none behind ours.

    I have used various paints but only the one keeps standing its ground (under all the other flaking ) .
  • The wall is shaded in the morning and gets sun mid-late afternoon.

    I don't think the wall is holding back any land - there are just some trees and bushes behind it.
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    The white summer jasmine suggested by Budy Lizzie is wonderful - and you could grow some clematis through it - what about a pink Duchess of Albany 

    and a purple c. viticella etoile violette .  The fact that they're not evergreen would be hidden by the leaves of the jasmine. image

    No-one knows if you've done your housework, but everyone knows if you've done your gardening !
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