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I am considering re-laying my driveway as it looks a total mess at the moment with weeds coming up under the stones. It is almost completely covered with green!! I am a bit of novice with weed membranes and was just seeing if anyone could advise me with a product that will be suitable and reliable to prevent weeds from ruining my new driveway.



  • Could you perhaps give more of a clue as to what your driveway's made of?  I'm not sure what you mean by "stones".   Is it gravel?  Is there a change of level from the road/street to the house or parking area?  More info, please, & I'm sure you'll get some help & ideas to choose from.

  • Harry_HHarry_H Posts: 7

    I had the same problem last year and managed to re do my gravel driveway with the use of a heavy duty weed control fabric and its certainly done the job - I've a lovely driveway and not a weed in sight. If thats the sort of stuff you are looking for let me know and I'll find the receipt and let you know where I got it from as I bought it online and had it delivered on-site.

  • Kenc3Kenc3 Posts: 9

    Yes i have a gravel driveway and no the drive is on the same level as the street. Yes Harry, I was planning on using a weed control fabric but was not sure on what type and and weight to use. If you could find out where you got it from that would be a great help.

  • Harry_HHarry_H Posts: 7

    No problem. Just bear with me. My wife files all the paperwork and I'll ask her to find it when she is back from her sisters tomorrow.

  • Harry_HHarry_H Posts: 7

    Sorry for the delay. Eventually found the receipt with my son in law as I gave it to him when he was doing his driveway, as he bought the same stuff. The company is QVS and they suppplied us 4m wide weed control fabric for our driveway. The following link goes to the page showing the fabric to save you hunting for it . There's plenty of sizes to choose from so you shouldnt find a problem finding something to fit. Let me know how you get on and if you need anymore help as I've now done two driveways so dont mind sharing my experience. Hope that is of help. Good luck.

  • Kenc3Kenc3 Posts: 9

    Thanks for that Harry. I purchased my driveway fabric with QVS on Friday and it arrived yesterday (Monday). Great, speedy delivery and good quality membrane. Now I just have the chore of resurfacing my drive.

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