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Jasmine Beesianum

tattiannatattianna Posts: 182

I have a young plant which I bought last year, repotted and it has been kept in a plastic covered mini greenhouse over the winter. It looks like it's over wintered pretty well. I am wondering if it will be OK in a pot 13" wide trained up a 4ft support?  

Please correct me if I'm wrong but I believe these plants don't grow quite as big as some Jasmines???   image


  • I've got one growing in the garden, not a pot, so can't help you there. Mine is planted in a sheltered spot in the garden and hardy, we have had temperatures in the past of -14c and it has survived.

    They tend to grow on more delicate stems, but are quite vigourous, at least it is in my garden, It readily layers itself so you can propagate quite easily.

    Sorry this doesn't really answer your original question, but might be of general helpimage


  • jatnikapyarjatnikapyar Posts: 419

    Hi Tattianna, it is very easy to grow but needs lots of sun to give you clusters of pink tubular flowers.I have one at the foot of a lilac tree and it clambers up it quite happily.It is pretty hardy and layers itself easily for you to make new plants.I have one in a large pot (grown from a layered cutting) and it is growing OK there though slow  as it is restricted. So your plant should be OK outside in a pot  if you do not get severe winters. The two that I have survived -15C one year! Good luck image

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