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Best way to remove a mature 12 foot Palm Tree?

We have a large dominearing Palm Tree in our back garden that was there when we moved in. It stands approx 12-14 feet high.

Although it had a certain charm, we are now getting a bit fed up with it, as our garden is quite small, the birds don't like perching in it for some reason etc. so we've now decided we want it out, but having already had a hard time trying to remove 2 stubborn and ugly Yukkas, (had to resort to hiring a tree surgeon with a stump grinder in the end!), I fear this tree will be worse as I've heard the root systems are particularly difficult to dig around.

I'm quite compitent with a chainsaw, but it's the complete removal of the root system that I'm unsure of, as we also have a brick path running 2 feet from it that we don't want to disturb!

Has anyone had good, reliable experience with removing these beasts?





  • Do what you can with the chain saw and then drill holes into the top of the trunk and treat with stump remover. It will take some time for the stump to rot down but it will save your path. You may need to treat the stump more than once.

  • JAMES 2JAMES 2 Posts: 10

    Apologies for the extremely late response Joyce, thank you for your reply.

    As we were impatient to get going with planning out our garden (preparation of soil for turf, beds etc) we obtained a quote from a tree surgeon for removing the whole lot and grinding out the stumps, which was money very well spent and saved my back in the process!

    Word of advice : Palms and Yukkas are absolute hell to try and dig out -even the tree company's stump grinder wore out a set of teeth removing just two stumps and nearly fouled their chaisaw with palm tree hair too, so be sure you know what you're letting yourself in for before planting one...!

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