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A summer day in The Netherlands


 This picture is from my regional broadcaster here in The Netherlands. It was taken after yesterday's storm.

Yesterday I had planned to spend a nice day pottering around in the garden, but the weather had other ideas.image

We had the worst summer storm ever recorded, with force 10 gales along the coast and even here in the midde of the country we got up to force 8!

The authorities gave out a code red weather alert for large parts of the country and even we here had a code orange. At one point they even asked people not to go out unless absolutely necessary!

One person died when his car was hit by a falling tree and at least 2 others were injured in similar incidents.

The wind caused quite a lot of damage in my garden. Climbers came off their supports and herbacious plants were ripped to pieces.

The vegetable plot looks like a bomb has hit it. But the storm has gone, and I'd better start cleaning up the rubbish.

My daily round of the news on the web threw up some amazing video clips and pictures though.

First this of a tree along one of the canals in Amsterdam.

And if you've ever wondered if you can get seasick on a plane, have a look at this.

Schiphol Airport, yesterday...

And the people on board this one had an even scarier experience. Just read the text with the video.

And finally some pictures, mainly of trees...

Makes you realise the power of nature.

But now everything is calm again and the sun is shining, so I'm off into the garden to start the big clean-up.image




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    Glad you're ok Kleipieper image

    I remember the storm of 1987 very well - our village was cut off by fallen trees for several days and we had no electricity for more than a week .

    Gardening in Central Norfolk on improved gritty moraine over chalk ... free-draining.

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    We're used to stormy weather here but it's mainly in winter when there's less disruption and damage to gardens. Horrible when it's a freak storm at this time of year. Hope the garden recovers.

    It's a place where beautiful isn't enough of a word....

    I live in west central Scotland - not where that photo is...
  • Oh dear!

    Until end of May I was flying through Schippol every week.  I transferred there to go to Vienna and/or Zurich to go to work.   

    Believe me I could talk forever about the winds blowing across that airport and the awful landings, delays and diversions because of it!    Just in April I was shunted into Rotterdam instead of Amsterdam for 2 hours before going to Amsterdam by when I'd missed my transfer and had to stay in a hotel and return to England the next morning!      Me and thousands of others! 

    I hope you and yours are safe and well... that's all that matters.

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    Hmmm.  Impressive.  Lots of rain but little wind in Southamptom on Friday.

  • kleipieperkleipieper Posts: 563

    Thanks everyone for your kind words! image 

    We're used to strong gales here, just like in the UK, but not at this time of year.

    I've just been hoisting several climbers, including roses, back on to their supports, so scratches on arms, legs and face. image Looks very fetching. image

    And the compost heap has suddenly become a lot fuller and rather colourful because of all the broken flowers.image

    Most of the beans in my veggie plot were also beyond help, so I'll be sowing new ones tomorrow. Who knows, I may still get a crop.

    Several beautiful trees blown over here in town as well.image And our council is not very good at replanting...

    Let's hope we won't get any more gales soon.

  • kleipieperkleipieper Posts: 563

    Well, I had a good look at them, but most of them were completely broken and I don't think they would grow again.

    I've been growing beans for over 40 years, but I've never seen anything like this damage.image

    Better cut my losses and start again!

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    I love your country, my husband and I have been many times staying at Duinrell, Wassenaar. What awful weather you have had. So sorry your garden has been so badly damaged but glad you are all safe and well.

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