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salvia hot lips,

hello peeps,i need to move soon,my hotlips.its in bloom,but i need to make way for my potting shed,ive a few weeks yet,but any chance you experts can advise me,thanks.caroline.


  • oh thanks verdun your a star,i will do that today,old shed going and i dont want to get it hurt.thanksimage

  • I didn't think it was possible to kill salvia hotlips.    I had one that grew HUGE and moved it and just like you're thinking of.... when it was in flower.    Believe me I wasn't careful about digging it up either and indeed it was so huge I was intent on just putting it on the compost heap and getting rid.     Indeed it sat there for about a week and then my gardener decided he'd dig a hole and plant it where I've a load of flowering shrubs.   

    It never skipped a heartbeat and is still there today.


  • thanks verdun,i will be carefull,doing it tonight,i couldent do it before,what with trowbridge in bloom,lol and thanks northernlass2,thats good to hear.x

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