Creating a raised veg.patch.

I am building a raised vegetable patch approx. 8' x 4'. I do not have any topsoil to fill it ready for planting so will have to use an alternative such as all purpose compost,etc., Could anyone advise me please as to the most suitable compost to use and also, will this suffice for a few seasons or do I have to "boost it up" every year with soil improvers. If so, what do you suggest?


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    ou may find the above thread useful. You do not say what the bed is on - soil, concrete and that would effect what you use.

  • Thanks Rosa, this is my first post and I was unsure where to go for advice. I have gone to the thread you suggested and picked up some very good advice so here goes, off to get the materials and make a start! With this very cold weather though I doubt I will be putting much in for the time being.

  • Hi again Rosa, forgot to mention that I will be errecting my bed on very hard soil probably layered with some thick plastic sheeting. The depth of the bed will be about 1 foot high.

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    You asked how you upkeep them Legumes (peas,beansetc) like their area well forttified during winter with manure mix, Brassicas seem to prefer poultry pellets and roots don't like soil that has been enriched. So the reason why a 3 year rotation is used. 

    Legumes to brassicas to roots to legumes.

    Hope that answers your question. Feel free to pop in and ask anyhting else image

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    Look at my photo on other thread. They look very sad at moment but I garden on clay and roots, and they are about a foot high., I line mine with heavy cardboard on the base, some use landscape fabric. You may find that using plastic sheeting will hold water and possibly make soil  stale.  You want if possible to avoid holding water. especially after last year image

     My new bed, sitting waiting for me to put up, I will staple landscape fabric to the sides with a slight overlap on the base to prevent seepage of soil I won't even scrape off the grass, put bed down and level. line with cardboard and fill with soil mix, probably a base layer of upturned turves first, then layer in the filling.

  • Thanks again Rosa, your comments ref plastic sheeting are a very good point and I will abandon that idea and go more towards the heavy cardboard base and lining.

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  • Backwoodsman cardboard is bad weed cloth is what you want to use.

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