Talkback: Wildlife ponds and growling frogs

I noticed the frogs have arrived the other day but since then the pond has frozen over again. Cant wait for the frog chorus to start. I love it but glad its right at the bottom of the garden as they are very noisy.


  • My frogs usually arrive about Feb 23 - usually within a day or two! But this year they only arrived on March 8; even though it didn't seem much warmer it did rain at last.  They produced copious amounts of frogspawn immediately so must have been pretty pent up etc! Now all buried under snow and ice again - I hope they're ok. A bit of croaking a couple of days ago but the singing won't really get going until we finally get some balmy mild weather.

  • flowering roseflowering rose Posts: 1,632

    The frogs and toads have started to sing and mate but alas the cold weather has put them off again .of course there has been a few squashed ones due to traffic.

  • I've heard frogs and toads are a great addition to the garden in that they keep the slugs and other pests at bay. Have you seen the reports of Spanish slugs .It would be good to know if anyone has seen a frog take out one of these guys?? Could be the saviour for our farmers and garden / allotment owners!
  • The Frogs arrived in my pond in the middle of last week. They started spawning straight away,and there is now a large amount of spawn. Since then we have had several hard frosts and some of the spawn has been covered in ice. This has not deterred the other frogs, they are still happily mating, ice or no ice.
  • Had the pond now for three years and last year was the first time we had frogs in it, was wonderful to hear them croaking about ( very loud especially at night) and to have frog spawn for the first time was truly wonderful, so far nothing this year but i think it may be early days yet, so fingers crossed
  • I have, as every year, frog spawn taking over almost half my pond ... yes the shallow bit although some of it was frozen yesterday as it was so cold ... I couldn't help but wonder if that bit will produce tadpoles once it had defrosted or if the poor things will have died
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    My pond is only small and not too deep, making breakfast the other morning i. saw 5 frogs swimming around so I told my husband to come and see the 5 frogs and I continued to make breakfast ,he then said no there are 10 frogs oops no there are 12 frogs,and the activity was very busy indeed , we sat with our cup of tea watching for a minute or two then I said it was like watching frog porn haaa !i couldn't believe there were so many all doing the same thing, I wonder did they arrange to meet on the same day at the same time with the same intentions, haven't seen them since I think they are sleeping after all their work but what I have got now is a pond full of frogs spawn I dread to think what will happen next year we will have hundreds .
  • Last week when the temperature rose, about 9 frogs had arrived at our wildlife pond and had started mating. By Saturday, 9 March the pond was full of frogspawn. Sadly since then it has been so cold the pond has been completely covered in ice and the frogs have disappeared. Will they mate again once the weather warms up as it would be such a shame to lose this years tadpoles? We did manage to get a few clumps out into a bucket and put it the shed, but this was after the pond had iced up. Hopefull there might be some frogs who haven't reached the pond yet as last year we had over twenty on the surface of the pond.
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    The frogs were very active in my pond, in Warwickshire, yesterday (Sat 16th)...


    Even if there is a frost, and frost is forecast for this week, then the water beneath the pond surface will retain heat and won't freeze.

  • Elaine WElaine W Posts: 10

    What a great photo! Yes,my experience is the same as others. Here on the south coast it was all action (I counted over 20 frogs in the pond) a few weeks ago but then it went cold and there was lots of spawn but no frogs. They're just starting to come back now though. Why am I not convinced that this means spring is on the way?!

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