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Hi all,,, last year lots of people lost lots of toms,we were the same ,so we cut our losses and made green tom chutney ,we got the recipe off this site and it was as everyone agreed just Great!!!! trouble was not enough toms to make enough,So if you were to grow toms just for green chutney which we are going to do this year and make loads which tommies would you choose to grow especially for this purpose, i suppose im looking for a big tomy but we really don't know enough about toms yet to decide,by the way its blowing a good en here in Tenby,Cold and miserable again roll on Summer,and any help would be good with the chutney 

Cheers Alan4711 image


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    grow any variety outside-moneymaker seeds are dirt cheap and you will get lots of green tomatoes if you dont stop them too early if that is what you want-not the biggest but the cheapestimage

  • aunt ruby's german green

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    cheers ,many thanks for that just the job,image just got back from the allotment very very cold but sunny,imagewild life pond frozen 1" deep,,now  thats cold, got some smashing fresh  mole soil for later potting,chins up summer on its way,

    Good luck all  Alan4711

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