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Our lawn is quite weed free and we feed it two or three times per year. It also has all the thatch raked out at least once per year. The problem is that it doesn't grow very well at all even following this treatment and we're now wondering whether we should take it all up and start again?

We think the problem goes back 30 years when the house was built and we are convinced that the soil under the lawn was not prepared at all before it was seeded. We have found quite a lot of builders rubble just under the surface in the adjoining flower beds. Under most of the grass the soil is always rock hard and not made any better because the soil is clay. It is almost impossible to get a fork into it to get air and moisture into it. Does anyone have any suggestions please?


  • hogweedhogweed Central ScotlandPosts: 3,991

    It would be a huge job to lift it all, dig out the top layer of soil and/or builders rubble, then replace it with topsoil etc. Regardless of how big your lawn is. And you may not get the better effect you are looking for.  If it was me, I would do the best I could for the existing lawn and then put some focal points into different places in the garden so that my eyes were always lifted above the grass on to something else.

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  • FairygirlFairygirl west central ScotlandPosts: 35,520

    How big is the lawn Jane? I'd agree with hogweed that it's a huge undertaking to lift everything and start again. You could try putting an edging round it and then raising the level with topsoil and reseeding, but it will possibly still be just the same if you can't get the drainage sorted. Do you use a weed and feed product mainly? If so, it might be worth substituting two of those with just a feed - liquid seaweed or similar.

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  • Rinus KRinus K Posts: 67

    I wasn't satisfied with my lawn aswell. But...... two weeks ago I spread ( quite a lot) artificial fertilizer grains with 15% nitrogen. What a difference. The lawn is green and much richer. I did have to mow it 3 times in two weeks. You almost can hear it growing.

    Give it try. It's easier then lift it out and start all over again.

    When you have used the fertilizer you have to keep the lawn humid the first days after so the nitrogen will be taken up into the soil.

  • gsdfandfgsdfandf Posts: 85

    @Rinus K. Do you have a product name?

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