A Shropshire Lad rose

Now that the first flush is almost done, will it flower again?  Do I have to feed it?  What about pruning?  ( I've been removing dead flowers daily)  Actually I have 4 bushes - one at each corner of my pergola.  The one in the ground has flowered its socks off, while the three in large pots have not done nearly as well.  Any advice very welcome. Here's a pic (hopefully) of the one in the ground, taken two weeks ago.




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    David Austin's website says that it is excellent as a repeat flowerer, so you can look forward to more blooms. I'd definitely give them all a handful of a slow release fertiliser. The pelleted ones are easy to scatter in pots. Apart from deadheading, you could cut the flowering shoots back to a bud that looks as if it will produce a conveniently positioned shoot.

    I suppose that the ones in the pots are a bit drier than the one in the flower bed. Roses do well in clay soils so maybe the potted ones are feeling the lack of some weight in the soil.

    I don't have this rose but it sounds nice. Is it really as perfumed as they say it is?

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  • Hi pansyface, thanks for the tips.  I've looked for buds but can't see any.  Whereas my Wollerton Old Hall roses have loads of new buds in the leaf axils. I would give ASL 8/10 for perfume, in comparison with my Munstead Wood roses which get 10/10.  WOH has a strong perfume which DA describes as like myrrh, but I would call it citrus.  It's a brilliant performer, but I have to say I was  a bit disappointed with the perfume.

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    You prune back to a leaf axil , a good 6 inches away from the flowered seed heads, a good feed of rose food well watered in produces the best result, an angled cut is best in the direction you want the new stems to grow.

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    That's a beautiful rose.  I must try and get one of those.

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