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Hello all,

I am currently replanting an area of my garden and would welcome some ideas.  As we are frequently away we have decided to go down the shrub route.

I have planted a cotinus and would welcome ideas as to what would look good in front of it.  I have room for two shrubs.    I had thought Ceanothus or Hypericum or Daphne but not having an extensive knowledge of plants feel sure there may be something better.  I have a few rules to keep me on track - must be either a.  evergreen   b.  long flowering/period of interest   c.  bee friendly

I know I should not really be doing this now image but I have a couple of months before we head off again to hopefully get the plants in and happy before they are left on their own for a couple of weeks.

Look forward to hearing from you.



  • Rinus KRinus K Posts: 67

    Rododendron ???  Evergreen, for sure bee friendly, decorative even without flowers. Doesn't need much care as long as the roots are not dry out. Many varieties and colours

    Only downside is the flowering period which isn't that long. But nice shrub anyway.


    Or viburnum. Flowering for a long time ans sometimes twice a year

  • hogweedhogweed Central ScotlandPosts: 3,933

    How about a Euonymus - lovely contrast with the cotinus - and a pink or lilac  hydrangea.

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  • Rinus KRinus K Posts: 67

    I had Euonymus once. But they did'nt survive a cold winter with snow. So it's very much depending on where you live.

  • ObelixxObelixx Vendée, Western FrancePosts: 17,113

    One of the sambucus family with golden foliage and white flowers or deep purple with pink flowers.   Very hardy and attractive with or without flowers.  Deciduous.

    Eleagnus - evergreen with variegated silvery or golden streaks in the foliage.

    Aucuba - evergreen with golden spots in the foliage and red berries.

    Cornus alba sibirica - bright red stems in winter, good foliage colour in spring and autumn and flowers in between.   Needs pruning every spring to keep to size and reproduce the fresh red stems.   Elegantissima has mahogany stems and variegated leaves.

    Salix - several forms with orange or black stems that need pruning like the cornus.  Good for a moist location.

    I wouldn't go for hypericum.  It can be a thug when it starts to spread.  Ceanothus are lovely but are not reliably hardy so that depends on how cold you get.  

    Whatever you plant you will need to give them a very good soaking before you go away and keep them watered regularly after planting and until they go dormant in autumn.   Make sure you dunk them in a bucket of water till no more air bubbles appear before you plant them.

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  • oooooh you clever people.  Lots to think about there.  Thank you so much xx

  • hogweedhogweed Central ScotlandPosts: 3,933

    I live in central Scotland. I have quite a few Euonymus in my garden and they are often under lots of snow with no ill effect. Tough as old boots with me.

    'Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement' - Helen Keller

    A large Hebe, they have long flowers that bees love and will flower on and off through the summer. Dark green shiny evergreen leaves.  I've got one with dark pink flowers and you can get white or purple varieties.

    Choisiya Sundance. Another evergreen shrub, with bright yellow  leaves.  Has white flowers in late spring and a few more throughout summer, which are scented and attract bees.

    Escallonia - as above, main flush of flowers early summer but if deadheaded it will carry on producing a few flowers all summer.  Small dark green leaves although you can also get a gold-leaved variety.

    All are reasonably hardy depending on your location and aspect. Only drawback (for me) is that they will grow large and need regular trimming to keep in shape and bushy.

  • Thanks everyone some great ideas there. Erics Mum - have you come across HebeBaby Blush? Looks fab - think it might be a strong contender.
  • Obelixx - thanks for advice re hypericum and ceanothus - aucuba is definitely on my list. Sorry about the rain yesterday everyone - I've had my fingers crossed for ages image
  • Thanks everyone some great ideas there. Erics Mum - have you come across HebeBaby Blush? Looks fab - think it might be a strong contender.
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