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    Thanks pansyimage

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    Hello Artjak.   I wondered where you were.  image

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    Thanks Lily P.  I like the look of the recipes so far - must have a go at them.

    S. E. NSW
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    Hello runnybeak, yes I'm back againimage

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    Hi artjak - hope you're well. We've missed 'seeing' you  image

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    We have soft fruit coming out of our ears at the mo so I have a pan of blackcurrants on the go to make spiced blackcurrant jelly which I know is delicious:-

    1kg blackcurrants, 900ml water, 5cm cinnamon stick and either 12 cloves (I sometimes substitute 3 star anise for the cloves)  

    Bring to the boil and simmer for one hour.   Strain through a muslin into a large bowl, pushing gently to extract the juice but not force it or it will go cloudy.  Add 200ml of cider vinegar and stir well.  Return the juice to a clean pan and add 450g of sugar for every 600ml.  Heat gently till the sugar is dissolved and then boil hard till setting point is reached.   Superb on croissants, fresh bread and toast, especially with cream cheese and can be used in sauces for meat and game, like redcurrant jelly but with more oomph.

    I have another pan experimenting with redcurrant, orange and raisin marmalade and OH has just picked 2 huge mixing bowls worth of purple gooseberries from our two wee shrubs.  Heaven knows what they'll do when they mature!

    I'm going to try gooseberry crème brulée tart which is a recipe I found on BBC Good Food and freeze the rest for later.

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    Hi Artjak, I have the best compost ever in my daleks after following your instructions, love to Flossie x

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    I've just made some redcurrant jam, I always use my pressure cooker it reduces the time to cook then use the base to Finnish it offimage
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    Fairyg, thank you am v. well. KEF, brilliant news about the compost. Flossie (or Mrs. Barker as she is sometimes known spent the winter in Portugal with friends - can you believe it? A Jack Russell who winters abroad!)

    If it stops tipping down with rain I am going to harvest some lettuce and lovage to make soupimage

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    hi artjakimage Please could you share your soup recipe? Sounds yummy 

    obelixx. That is a lovely twist on a jam, will look forward to trying itimage


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