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water logged allotment

hi took over an allotment in august and it is very waterlogged its never been worked for 20 years its full of bricks wood and old pipes etc.Plus i have been walking on garden i know hasnt helped.Do you think im having the water problems because it has not been worked for so long  i rotavatored it in september and dug it over but dug a hole about 3 weeks ago then the next day it was full of water evan know we had no rain its only in certain parts of the garden.I never had this in my previous garden but give that one up cause this one is closes to home.

Should i put drainage pipes in i dont really want to but as its more expense. many thanks for advice


  • marshmellomarshmello Posts: 683

    I'd suggest putting in raised beds, where its waterlogged the most. Springs on its way, plenty of skips will be sited on roads and lanes across the land, plenty of good wood being thrown out. This is how I get my timber - skip shopping, it's great. Do ask permission first though, just to be polite.

    You might find the ground will start to dry out a little. If things didn't improve over summer, then think of other ways to resolve matters.

  • i already put raised beds in got all the wood free off some houses what was getting knocked down and paving slabs lol  thanks for advice

  • chicachica Posts: 252

    hi shaun my allotment which i have only had for  few weeks was exacly the same just clay and water every time i walked on it which i had to .to get down the plot my foot prints filled up with water.mud up to my knees got lots of old pallets free so made raised beds it had never been worked so i put them down and keep filling them up with compost, in between them is still water and clay so keep digging in a fork to try and drain it away but raised beds are gradually getting drier hope it gets drier as spring approaches.

  • marshmellomarshmello Posts: 683

    Oh have you, you didn't say. Hahah Great minds think alike then. Nor seriously, let spring/summer kick in first before starting to worry too much.

  • I took on my allotment last July, covered in weeds, and had mostly cleared it when the rains started.

    It is clay and on the Somerset Levels.This was the field next door, on a good day........



  • I was thinking it was just the weather and the fact thats its clay and the fact it hasnt  been worked.But by the looks of it the council just knocked the old pig farm down and put a fence round it and let the gardeners sort it out.there was a old pig farm on the site 20 years ag0. i think im gunna hold off with drainage pipes for the time between my raised beds i put paving slabs.I didnt think bout putting fork holes in the ground to help drain it ill try that next time im down cheers for advice

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