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Box Blight

DilysDilys Posts: 8

I have acouple of health box globes but am thinking of putting in box as an edging for flower beds. Every time I Look at Gardeners World T.V. or magazine someone is issuing dire  warnings about blight. Is it really such a threat? Any suggestions for a substitute if I succombe to the fear of plants dying as soon as I've put them in?



  • ObelixxObelixx Vendée, Western FrancePosts: 28,555

    Box blight is caused by one of two fungal infections for which no treatment is available to gardeners.    When you buy new plants, you should keep them in quarantine, away from other box plants, for about 3 months so you can check for infection before plantig it.   Make sure you buy from a reputable supplier who will guarantee and refund or replace any affected plants.

    Alternatives are things like lonicera nitida which has green and gold forms.  Dwarf conifers can also be grown as a low hedge if you keep them regularly trimmed so they thicken up well.   You could also consider step over apple trees which will be decorative as well as producing fruit but won't give such a solid effect.




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  • DilysDilys Posts: 8

    Lonicera - yes, that might do the trick.

  • I have heard that regular feeding can support healthy growth with box trees- and strengthen them up - even those damaged by blight. Is this so?


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