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Trailing Begonia corms


Being very new to the garden 2nd year image i bought a dozen large trailing begonia corms 3" approx a couple of months ago . I want to plant 3 hanging baskets with them 4 in each 14" basket

I have a greenhouse with a paraffin heater .

I'm not sure when or where to start them off ? in trays or straight in the baskets ?also how deep to plant them . I have a mini greenhouse set up in the spare room with heating on as i am trying a few dfferent seeds ( fingers crossed) so i could put them in there .

Would be VERY thankful for any tips and advice , oh i live in the scottish borders .









  • DaisydayDaisyday Posts: 373

    Hi Mike, as long as your tubers are kept in frost free conditions they should be fine. Plant them hollow side up and don't bury them. Water the compost from the bottom so as not to rot the tubers at this stage or just pot them into damp soil but don't let it get soggy or dry out.  Place them in a light situation (possibly a window ledge) and wait for them to sprout. Hope this helps, good luck image

  • DaisydayDaisyday Posts: 373

    Mike perhaps I should have added that it doesn't matter whether you plant the corms in pots or directly into their baskets but watering may be easier in individual pots. Trays are a bit shallow as the corms need room to make good strong root growth.

  • mike2limike2li Posts: 29
    Hi daisy

    Thanks for your reply

    I think i'll wait another 2-3 weeks and put them into the baskets hung up in the greenhouse.

    Sorry to ask you for more advice but will 4 tubers in a 14" basket be enough or would you add another ? They are all at least 3" diameter.

    I would love to have 2-3 baskets like the ones they have in town each year ,you can't see the baskets for the amount flowers .

    I got the tubers from the same supplier so fingers crossed image

    Thanks again for your tips

  • ElusiveElusive Posts: 992

    I threw Begonia Tubers up the top of the garden by accident the year before last after they died off. When I looked up there in August last year there were flowers everywhere. Bearing in mind my soil is very heavy clay this leads me to believe they cant be that hard to get going image

  • mike2limike2li Posts: 29
    Hi matt

    If I give you my address will you come and throw my tubers in some baskets for meimage only kidding.

    But if you have any advice on how ,when and how many to 3" tubers to plant in a 14" hanging basket ?

    I would be very grateful for ant tips image

  • ElusiveElusive Posts: 992

    Ive popped 3 in my hanging basket cone for this year. Im expecting that to be more than enough.

    I think its either 14inch or 16inch, so 3 in each should Be fine I would guess.

  • I will be putting 3 in each of my 12" pots. You don't need too many as if fed they really do grow well.

  • mike2limike2li Posts: 29
    Hi Bev

    Thanks for your help

    When you say Fed will putting slow release granules in with the compost be enough feeding or would give a liquid feed also ?

    Sorry for being a pest with all the questions but I just want to try and get it right oh and hopefully better baskets than the neighboursimage .

  • Haha Mike.

    I must admit I put slow release granuels mixed with water saving gell when I make them up then try to feed with liquid feed weekly. Last year was too wet to give the liquid feed, it would have run straight through with the rain.

  • mike2limike2li Posts: 29
    Thanks bev will feed with liquid feed too weather permitting here in sunny scotland image.

    Thanks again

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