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Noooooooo they're awake.........

I've just gone out to my greenhouse to turn the heater on....and encountered five fat brown slugs cruising the garden:/ ....surely with another cold spell imminent it'll kill the slimy critters?? Hubby says if you cut one eye off though they'll just go round in circles...what d'you reckon? 



  • Bunny ...Bunny ... Posts: 3,471
    They say snip with scissors is fastest way to kill and then birds will eat.... As yet I haven't been brave enough image
  • clogherheadclogherhead Posts: 506


     We were having some work done at the back of our house this past

    fortnight and I asked the builder if he could get me a roll of insulation I put it at the back of my cheep plastic Argos 6x4 greenhouse anyway as i unfurled the insulation above I found several tiny slugs in it ,they all got the chopimage



  • Chop in half with secteurs.  Simples.image

  • chicachica Posts: 252

    i chuck salt on them they love it.

  • Come on now, slugs, chop chop, wake up, I'm ready with my weeding knife.  chop chop.

  • I just squish underfoot- but some of the big onesare getting quite hard to do. Think I may get a pair of scissors especially for the job.

  • figratfigrat Posts: 1,619
    I found a couple of tiny ones in the gh yesterday. They're not there now...
  • chickychicky Posts: 10,391

    Does anyone know how early you can start with the nematodes ?  I know the soil has to have warmed up a bit - but do you have to wait til after the last frosts?

  • I was told you have to wait until the soil is 5 minimum and that the occasional frost  won't affect the nematodes doing their job but its best to wait until the soil won't go below 5 degrees so:/ I'm guessing when they get sent to me by Marshalls they're giving me the go-ahead as they said they only send them out when conditions are right....don't know if I'm brave enough to use the scissors folks:/ bit squeamish for that one lol but not adverse to using the salt pot or my wellie booted footimage) I was horrified as the size of some of them..monsters alreadyimage.....needless to say they're not there this morning hehe....

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