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How to plant a triangular border?

I have a tricky plot of ground to plant and would appreciate some ideas. We also live quite high up so any planting would have to be hardy. I feel that everything is out of balance at the moment and I have lots of gaps which I would like to full and Stacy lots of bees and butterflies etc.


  • Yes,quite often windy and not much sun except for certain parts in summer when the sun is high enough. It's not a big border so I have been afraid to put in something too tall.

    However I feel that it does lack height so I was thinking of putting in some climbers along the back fence.
  • The house is a new build with very poor soil, so we had to buy some to add on top in order to get any chance of growing anything! There's quite a lot of clay underneath the top soil we put in. I have some heucheras and geranium and they seem to be fine but I will look into the bigger plants you mentioned for a bit of structure.Thank you!
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