Potato confusion

Hi all I'm just looking in my catalogues and Internet and have come across a seed tattie called Orla. Anyone had this before, how have you found it. Also I'm finding conflicting sites, some selling by no of tubers 20 for 4.99 plus 5 postage. Another selling 2.5kg for about 5pounda if I recall. Am I better buying by number or weight, I have no idea how many seed potatos are approximately in a 2.5kg. Any clues???


  • NetherfieldNetherfield Posts: 120

    I've always tried to buy by number and not weight,only last year I was struggling to find a variety and ordered by weight and ended up with twice a many as I wanted.

    20 each of five varieties weighed 6 kilos, that may also include the box they came in.

    Can't really comment on 'Orla' I did grow it once,years ago, never since so I must have either not liked the taste or been dissappointed with the crop size. My favourite first early is 'Sharpes Express'


  • nightgardennightgarden Posts: 106

    When I first started planting potatoes I worked out how many I needed per row then weighed that number using the spuds I already had to eat! Wasn't perfect but gave me a very good idea of what to buy.

    I think roughly 1.5lb makes a 10 ft row.

  • Thankyou. There is a massive postage difference too so may go with the 2.5kg as the postage is half.

    Just really undecided on a variety. We have raised beds and they were installed last year. Really liked the description of it being extremely blight resistant. Any other hint or tips on varieties would be great. Thanks
  • NetherfieldNetherfield Posts: 120

    I've never had a problem with blight in first earlies, they have been harvested before the problem occurs, and rarely with second earlies, except for 'Kestrel' which I leave in for about 20 weeks if possible, it then produces some lovely baking spuds.

    This year I'm planting

    Sharpes Express, First early a waxy salad type

    Charlotte, a Second early, again waxy, you can pick a few bigger ones as earlies and leave the others to grow on.

    Kestrel, Second early, good for storing.

    Juliette, Early main, waxy salad type, I had to pick these early last year because of blight.

    King Edward, Early main, good for storing, excellent for roasting, mashing and chips.

    If you don't have a lot of space, avoid early main and main crop,these take up a lot of room and can be bought easily enough from shops and supermarkets, farmers seem to grow for quantity rather than taste in the new(early) market so this is where the home producer can do well.


  • I'm just playing with 13x12ft so don't want to fill with potatoes, prob just under half then courgette and sugarsnap peas.

    French beans in a tub and carrots in a deep dog bath. Not sure maybe a cabbage or 2
  • Ha ha, I mean to put a block or couple if rows!! Need to be economical to get as much as I can.

    Still have some purple sprouting taking up part of my bed, will have to work round it!
  • nightgardennightgarden Posts: 106

    I grow 5 first earlies each in 3 canvas bags then seconds and mains in the veg patch - not lots of each but enough for a good store.

    This year I'm trying Blue Belle main, Pentland Javelin first earlies and Wilja second earlies. I like waxy potatoes so Pink Fir Apple is one of my favourite main crops.

  • I have tried swift but was weak flavour. Vivaldi was nice. Charlotte and Nicola were nice salad types. But that was on sandy soil at a previous house. I literally planted what my dad couldn't fit in.

    With our new raised bed we only have 12x13ft and then tubs so we really want to make the most!

    Def doing Nantes carrots in my dog bath, French beans in tubs up a obelisk. Courgette, sugarsnps have been ordered so they will be going in! (If I get them to germinate !)

    Just seems that seed tatties on the web seem so expensive if your wanting to pick a variety! I like a bargain but can't seem to find Anything on the tattie front!!
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