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more gardening less smoking

nightgardennightgarden SW ScotlandPosts: 112

I've done more work in my garden over the last few days than I would usually have done at this time of year - the reason? I gave up smoking 4 days ago - 1 day for each year I smoked now I come to think of it!

I saw a lot of posts on here about how gardening has helped a lot of people cope with depression (me too) and just wanted to say that it's helping me to stay away from the tobacco.

Makes me wonder what other problems gardening has helped to solve - if my new eating habits are anything to go by, I've eaten more in the last four days than the whole previous 7 put together, I might be back here hoping that gardening will help me lose weight!





  • Hi, Nightgarden. Congratulations on giving up smoking. I hope you have continued success. Possibly stating the obvious, I imagine your increased appetite might be because you are eating whre you might have smoked, as well as increased exercise.

    I'm an exp ert at breaking diets and know that it is all about what goes on in your head. I try to follow the two-day diet - two days of very low calories (500 or so calories) and getting the feeling of control back, but I suppose that's a bit much when you are already disciplining yourself over smoking. I really hope you succeed on every level.

  • Sue HSue H Posts: 415
    Well done with the smoking. I gave up and just have e-cigs occasionally. Last one was in November. Never going to have another. Feel so much better. Also don't know how I managed to afford it. Have always pottered in garden, only now dont use it to smoke inimageimageimage
  • nightgardennightgarden SW ScotlandPosts: 112

    Well so far so good - thanks for the encouragement...

    I love pottering in my garden too - especially first thing in the morning and late evening......, when I had a greenhouse I used to have a cuppa in it last thing at night and just sit and relax in the dark!


  • Val40Val40 Posts: 1,377

    Nightgarden, gave up 17 years ago. Did it for my youngest son, the only one left at home, who said I was not only damaging my health, but his also.  Never touched another ciggie and, fortunately, never craved for one. Did put on a lot of weight though. DIL, who has found it very difficult has an e ciggie which, when she gets a craving, she puffs away on.  I was very impressed.  Don't give up.

  • flowering roseflowering rose Posts: 1,632

    glad you gave up smoking ,I have nursed many people with smoke related diseases and also those who have died from it.Spend your money on the garden and reap the benefits of good health .it wont be easy but it will be worth it.

  • nightgardennightgarden SW ScotlandPosts: 112

    You are all so right! Definitely not easy .... I felt really quite ill for the first couple of days without cigarettes which I wasn't expecting at all. Thanks so much for all the encouraging comments - no going back now!

  • marshmellomarshmello Posts: 683

    I give up smoking 3 years ago, after a 25 year habit and your right, it is very tough but YOU CAN DO IT. I too, had an increase in appetite but after a few months it settles done. 


  • congrats.I have never smoked in my life but my dad did for about 40 years he is only 55 now and 2 years ago he had a very bad heart attack just 4 days after his first grandaughter was born and he quit stright away chucked his baccie tin away i think it helped him more when he quit that he was in hospital for 11 weeks he had a triple bypass and a new sprilt fitted.But luckly now doing excellent and my allotment give me  somewhere to go and get my head together and now hes down there just as  much as me  when he smoked he never had the energy to get down.GOOD LUCK WITH QUITING

  • Congratulations on your first few smoke-free days.  Please, please keep it up, I watched my father-in-law die slowly, painfully of cancer.  Please don't make your relatives go through that trauma, it was without doubt, the worst, hardest and saddest things I had to do.  Anyone else who is thinking of quitting, do it for your kids, they may be grown up, but you always need your Mum & Dad.

    Barrie is remembered, and missed, daily.  He never got to meet his grandsons and granddaughter.

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