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Help me identify this plant






 This fragrant bush/ tree has just finished flowering and I need to move it soon as we're planning renovations.  Can anyone help me identify it?


  • Tetley wrote (see)

    I think it`s a philadelphus.

    Your right Tetley image

    Philadelphus = Mock orange

    a midsummer flowing shrub

  • fidgetbonesfidgetbones Posts: 16,675

    Philadelphus "Virginal"

    It gets a bit leggy. Take old flowered shoots out after flowering (any time around now to mid August) to let the new green shoots through to flower next year. Cut some of the old thick wood down to the base on a three year cycle. It flowers on last years wood.

  • fidgetbonesfidgetbones Posts: 16,675

    I think its too big to move, but you can take cuttings now from the fat green shoots. I brought mine from my old garden that way. If you lose it, I think there are better varieties now for floriferousness, but I don't think the perfume can be beat on this.

  • Findme1Findme1 Posts: 2




    You all did such a great job yesterday I'm asking for more help.  The first photo shows an established Magnolia which I believe shouldn't be pruned.  As you can see though there are 2 plants underneath the small blue fern is definitely suffering and probably needs lifted but I'm not sure what the other is or what to do with it.  The second picture is something in a large pot I is it a plant or weed?
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