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MondegreenMondegreen Posts: 17

Having discovered this wonderful forum a few days ago, I thought it would be the perfect place to solve this plant puzzle of mine and my mum's.

So if any of you are up for some detective work:

My mum has always called this plant a 'heart and candle' plant, and it's been a house plant in all our homes for as long as I can remember. It is very easy to propagate - just give it a trim and stick the trimmings in some soil, and they root and grow. I have pictures below, unfortunately mine hasn't flowered this year, but its flowers are usually faded pinky purple thin tubes (the 'candles').

This is the plant from far away - excuse the bird seed and other fridge gubbins.

Here is its base. It kind of develops these over time, it doesn't grow from them to begin with (or if it does, they're a lot smaller and I don't see them) - this one is one that has grown above the soil (time to split it I think!).

This is older growth at the top of the plant, and then the picture below is the newer growth at the ends.

 Any ideas? It's more a curiosity than anything; I'm an avid googler but this is one answer that I just can't find no matter what I type in!



  • DovefromaboveDovefromabove Posts: 82,724

    Yes, Ceropegia woodii - I know it as Hearts Entangled - I had one for years and years - I gave it to Wonky when I moved house and no longer had anywhere high enough for it to trail from.  It was about 8 ft long.

    You can plant those tubers to make new plants. image

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  • MondegreenMondegreen Posts: 17

    So quick! You forumites are geniuses!

    I've just been looking it up - "tolerance of neglect" says Wikipedia, that suits me fine image.

    Although according to the Alys Fowler: "If you neglect them in just the right way, you may get flowers", so clearly I have to be meaner to it image.

    Dovefromabove, yes it grows like anything - I gave it a trim a couple of months ago and it's already almost down to the ground again, I'm trying to find somewhere high enough for it to dangle, but low enough for me to reach to water (although, in the spirit of a good plant neglecter, I guess maybe I don't have to worry about the watering now)

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