Sick ivy plant....any advice gratefully received!

Hello Everyone

I am new here and apologies for my ignorance - I'm a beginner gardener.

At the moment though I have a sick ivy, which has been doing well for about a year. I moved it to my office about 6 months ago and it seemed alright. Recently, however, the leaves have withered and the colour has gone very dark brown. It's not thirsty and I've kept it away from radiators. I've bought it home to try it in a new environment but I'm runing out of ideas.

Thank you for reading. Any advice will be very gratefully received!

Cheery Planter image


  • Hi, Cheery. The most likely explanation is serious over or underwatering or perhaps letting it get much too hot. Ivy is very tough and can survive almost anywhere. You could try keeping it in a light position out of direct sun and making sure that the soil is just moist, after cutting back the withered growth fairly hard and just let it take its time and regrow. I have one in the house which I've forgotten to water many times and although it might die back a bit, it always recovers and makes new growth.

    Hoope you enjoy the wonderful learning curve of gardening.

  • artjakartjak Posts: 4,168

    Cheery; it might need feeding/ potting on to a (slightly) larger potimage Good luck with it.

  • Thank you so much Gardening Grandma and artjack, I will try re-potting and cutting the dead leaves back.

    I may well have over watered! image

    I'm starting my third year of veggie growing experiments and am enjoying learning about plants....its so therapeutic!
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