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Little grey bug on brassica?


I've spent an hour or so removing and squashing a tiny mottled grey bug that seems to have created lots of small, round blisters (like a leaf miner might, but circles) on the leaves my spigarello/cima di rapa  (I grew it by accident, meaning to grow broccoli!). I don't think it's mealy cabbage aphid as it's not clumping together but wandering around on its own, quickly, on  the upper leaves.  When I go to pick it off, it pulls its legs in and rolls onto the ground.  It's no more than 2mm long.  I've also found some on my lettuce, but fewer.  Any ideas?  Sorry no pictures, it's not good at staying still and my skills are limited!

Oh, and (this is gross) it feels quite hard when I squash it.

Please don't tell me I've been slaying a beneficial insect!


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