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Yet another plant ID

phill Hphill H Posts: 3

Hi all,

I suppose some of you see this as a daily challenge, a bit like a crossword puzzle, identifying peoples plants.

Some of which must seem so easy to most of you. 

I have googled to death this morning trying to find the answer for myself, however I have been stumped, I just can't find the right descriptive for it to bring a similar picture up.

I planted this mysterious yellow and brown 14 petal flower around March, and have misplaced / used up the packaging to find out what it was.  Would any of you seasoned vets please put me out of my misery please. image


Many Thanks



  • Bushman2Bushman2 Posts: 548

    Looks like a gazania of some kind to me.

  • phill Hphill H Posts: 3

    Zoomed in.


    Yes, gazania.   They are sold in our local garden centre as an annual but I've kept mind going for 3 years now - they die town in winter and come back up in May.  Having said that, I live in East Anglia which is one of the driest spots on the UK and they are planted in a hot dry spot.  I feed them with rose or tomato feed once a week June-Sept and they produce loads of flowers.  You can find different colour ways and some with a sort of silver white furry leaf.  A few planted in an area look stunning.

  • phill Hphill H Posts: 3
    Fab, thanks both. I'm going to buy some more of these next year, it makes a real good contrast.
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