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Apple trees for new orchard in SW Wales

Morning all, we are (hopefully) about to purchase a smallholding in SW Wales. I've been growing apple trees as cordons for many years here in the sunny south of England and would like to start a small, say half acre, orchard on a flattish area, in a sheltered valley, well above the river level so no flooding issues foreseeable. I'm not sure about the soil conditions, but the pasture is good and free draining, and obviously we will get a lot more rain than we do here. Any advice on varieties that might do well much appreciated, in fact any advice at allimage

Many thanks MW


  • WelshonionWelshonion Posts: 3,114
    Make sure you visit an Apple Day at the National Botanic in October. There will be someone there who supplies the local varieties, or will tell you the best varieties for your area.
  • Thank you for these suggestions, the website looks very interesting pansyface, and not just for apples - I'd like to grow plums & pears as well so the traditional native varieties are just what I'm looking for. And the National Botanic Gardens aren't far from where we are hoping to be in a couple of months, so a visit to the apple day will definitely be hi-lited in the diary image

    Many thanks, MW


  • GolarneGolarne Posts: 63

    A nursery to have a look at is Ty Rhos trees, although it might be a bit of a trek from your new place. They sell a good range of trees and have been very helpful to a friend wanting Welsh varieties of fruit trees.

  • Not too far at all, Golarne, this place looks well worth a visit - thank you.

    Beginning to think my half acre orchard could become an acre - still plenty of room for the sheep though. image

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