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Hi all I'm propogating my own seeds this year and could do with help and hints. I have just bought seed trays, capillary matting and tray to stand these in. Also some window propogators with modules in. Also a thermometer so I can see how warm my unheated conservatory is!! I would like specific hints on. Sweet pepper plants - f1 sweet sunshine. Gazania kiss series. Liatris. Marigold - African. Echinacea. Verbena. Scabiosa. Coreopsis. Lobelia- queen Victoria. I don't want masses of perennial plants just a few of each to put in new beds, give my family and just because I really want to try!!


  • I have made more mistakes with seeds by starting too early than being a bit late. Too early and they might not germinate, or if they do it is too early to plant them out and they get leggy which is not good. Go for a few plants, nice and stout, sow seeds successionally so that at least one batch will be good. I tend to concentrate on larger seed types such as Cosmos, which is dead easy to start. I plant these individually in pots/modules, which can then be planted out with minimal disturbance. At the other end of the scale and which are much much harder are the tiny seeds such as tobacco plants. Theses are so fiddly that I usually lose patience. Over the years i have learned what works for me, as you will, but you will get some failures along the way. An alternative is to buy plug plants which I find equally satisfying to grow and have a higher success rate For exampe gazanias are great plugs. Good sowing.

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    hi greenbucket well im impressed you are going for it big time.well this is what i did today,bought some seed trays out the 99p store bought seeds ie  similer to you filled them up with seed compost patted them down (the dirt that is) sprinkled on a few seeds in each,sifted a bit of soil on top of them gave them a light watering and put them in one of those plastic 4 tier greenhouse £14.99 from pondstretcher i keep it open during the day and shut it at night,and will be fine.

  • Chica and WW thankyou. Some if my cuttings I took late on are coming ok, some just look green and brown. So I wanted to try and top up supplies with seeds. I started my garden last year and bought perennials at quite a cost from garden centres. When the seeds came the scrimper in me couldn't resist!!!

    I only have small room available but really fancied sharing with family that have larger gardens. I know the marigold f1 that I took seed from, if I'm successful I will have homes for them!! Just think it will be fun and very satisfying. I have a 6ftx8ft pop up greenhouse but fear its too early to get it out, or is it. Shall I just stick to my unheated conservatory?
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    as long as it does the job greenbucket then anythings ok.for me im a bit impulsive and some seeds take forever to get started i do it as simply and as cheaply as i can.and cant resist when i go for a walk always to take some paper bags in your pocket to take seeds or cuttings from all the wildflowers growing by the hedges i dont always know what they are but lable them as dontknows.will wait for the suprise.they could very well be weeds,oh well.

  • I have just seen next weeks is getting colder again, and might snow depending where you live 

    . It is still very early for an unheated environment. If you wait a bit things will catch up. I promise. Enthusiasm is good, but patience will pay dividends.

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    well thats cheered me up no end,mind you as i live in devon,we dont get it as cold as some,so im optimistic, we havent had snow this year yet 

  • Got a courgette seed to try too. Beans and carrots, but will sow carrots direct. Just got such joy last year from seeing my plants grow on. I just hope they all overwintered ok. But will still have fun growing and giving!! I have heard that my marigolds may not come the sane as last year. Any views on this. They were about a foot tall and large white or creamy yellow balls. They were planted seperate to minimise cross pollination. But u have been told they may go leggy. I was planning to take out the lead tip when first bid appeared (flower head) do you have any experience or hints/tips??
  • Gosh spelling mistakes galore! Sorry
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    chica wrote (see)

    well thats cheered me up no end,mind you as i live in devon,we dont get it as cold as some,so im optimistic, we havent had snow this year yet 

    Which part of Devon are you in Chica , this was us, just near to Tavistock!!

    and it hung around for ages.



    Gardening on the wild, windy west side of Dartmoor. 
  • I hope it doesn't snow As my perennials are just peakin through!!
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