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I am not quite a beginner garden but definately on the "needs to learn a lot" side of things.  This year I have decided to tackle my garden (complete redesign that started last year and ground to a halt due to the weather lol!).  I have put in a rose arbour about half way down my garden - going over 2 steps up to the raised top half.  This weekend I will be finishing my patio on this raised top half (garden used to have a small slope so we have evened it out).

Over the rose arbour I have planted "golden showers" climbing rose (bare root plants so little more than sticks at the moment  lol!).  I would like a feature pot on the patio that can be viewed from the house through the rose arbour.

The garden in very nearly south facing, and the patio in summer will get full sun through the day - as the sun is so low at the moment - it gets some sun.  I also have 2 dogs (young), 4 cats, and 2 children (10 and 8 so shouldnt be too much of an issue) so cannot have anything poisonous.

I would like something with some height in the centre of the pot - I was thinking of some sort of tree/ tall shrub with a stem/ growth at the top?!?  And then plants around the base.  Ideally I would like something evergreen (as I have discovered the dogs chew anything that loses its leaves - I lost my baby Acer to them and my spireas don't seem to be faring too well) and I can "fill in" between the lower plants with summer bedding.  Has anyone any suggestions as to what the large plant could be/ evergreen small plants.

I havent yet bought the pot - so I can and will buy the correct size to fit the plants. I am simply drawing a blank on what colours would look good through the rose and ideas for the large plant (my plant knowledge is not huge!).  Other info - I do not have a greenhouse or cold frame and so whatever I buy must be able to survive winter (AFAIK Bay Trees do not handle cold well).  I live in Doncaster, South Yorkshire.

Thank you to anyone who got this far lol!


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    There was a thread, last week, about colourful plants for large pots. There are several suggestions there, along with a couple of photos....

    Although perhaps you want a more permanent evergreen.

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    Ooh thank you - will take a look.

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    I know what you mean about bay trees. I live in Sheffield and they dont like it . Big pot needs a big plant. I agree with you about a tree [or maybe a bamboo]. I know we tend to be very snooty about conifers but there are some really beautiful ones out there and not just in green [or how about a  topiary yew or box ]

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    Big pot do not always need big plants - I have several enormous pots in the garden and often fill them with numerous little plants, the sheet effect can be very effective too.  It must be said I also have a very large indeed pot with an oak tree in it, but that is a whole 'nother story!

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