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I ordered and received the Alan Titchmarsh roses offer last December and planted them as instructed - they were bare roots, soI planted them at an angle in a mix of soil and a little (not a lot, to avoid root burn) compost. Thery over-wintered in the green house (not heated). I came to plant them and they are looking VERY sad, brown and rather not alive, whereas others, now in pots are doing famously.

Any advice?


  • sotongeoffsotongeoff Posts: 9,802

    Bit confused hereimage-that is usually the advice you are given if you can't plant immediately-it is called heeling in-but you seem to have left them in a greenhouse in that state for 3 months??

    Why did you not plant them straight away-the ones in the pots are they outside?

    They may still be ok-but contact the supplier just in case -they will probably replace.

  • Sorry I should have been clearer image. I kept them as described above for approx 3 weeks before planting them in post and leaving in the greenhouse while it snowed. They do not look very well now, and unlike the otehrs i mentioned, have no shoots etc. image.


    I THINK that the shrubs came from Thompson Morgan and were a GW offer in the magazine.


    Can anyone remember exactly?

  • I planted them in POTS not posts (I should learn to type image)

  • BrummieBenBrummieBen Posts: 460

    hmm, I always plant bare roots immediately, usually give them a soak in a bucket of water for a few hrs first. If you put them in pots straight awa get in touch with thompson & morgan. It wouldn't be the first time they sent bare roots that are dead! (victoria plum twice, tree peoni, peach infested with spider mite) and those are just what has been my experience, I shan't list all the things battered in the post or arrive very very late. I use them with caution now. It's all very well them replacing things, but if you've missed a whole season, it gets rather annoying.

  • many thanks for your help and advice - I'll do as you suggestimage

  • PatrevlilPatrevlil Posts: 48
    I ordered some fuschia plants from T & M in 2011. They were meant to be "Garden News" variety and were on offer from GW. It wasn't until last year that I realised they were a different variety to the ones I had ordered. I contacted them and they apologised and that was that. After thinking about it I contacted them again and asked if they would send me the plants that I had originally ordered, as the Celia Smedley they sent were far too lax for pots. Grudgingly, they said they would send me my original order this year - so I will wait and see!
  • If they snap when you bend them they are a gonner. If they bend they are probably saveable!!

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